Since 1987

ToongYeuan is a professional supplier of food raw materials, food additives and functional food materials, a provider of all-round service and a promoter of the Big-health Industry.

ToongYeuan Group has been focusing on the sales of health foods and health-related products since its establishment in 1987. Hangzhou ToongYeuan Food Chemical Industry was built in 1997 and five years later Shanghai ToongYeuan Food Tech. Ltd was founded. By integrating food processing technology and functional food materials, Shanghai ToongYeuan has expanded its service into the fields of biotechnology and health care from 2003. Now Shanghai ToongYeuan has become not only a professional supplier of food materials covering traditional food, nutrition & health and marketing, but also become a cooperative and strategic partner of many companies. ToongYeuan actively responds to the 19th National Congress of 2017 and keeps developing new health products to support the development of the Big-health Industry of China.

ToongYeuan takes “Honesty”, “Hard Working” and “Innovations” as its working concept, coupled with the spirit of “Profession”, “Technology” and “Service”. When people are transferring their mindset from “cure your illness” to “prevention is better than cure”, ToongYeuan starts thinking of their own mission. With a 30-year experience of developing new food materials, ToongYeuan can help find a compromise between tasty food and healthy food. Based on such idea, ToongYeuan actively devotes itself to the field of health care and opens the gate to promote the development of the Big-health Industry.

We search the best ingredients
from the world
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Create excellent products
We bring healthy & tasty products
Redefine health & lifestyle